2016-2017 Timetable

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Course Section Title Group Time Location Instructor
CIN105Y1Y LEC0101 Introduction to Film Study A T12-1
OI G162 Benjamin Wright
CIN105Y1Y PRA0101 Practical 1 A R9-12 IN 112  
CIN105Y1Y PRA0201 Practical 2 A R1-4 IN 112  
CIN105Y1Y TUT0101 Tutorial 1 A F9-10 IN 222  
CIN105Y1Y TUT0102 Tutorial 2 A F9-10 RL 3023  
CIN105Y1Y TUT0201 Tutorial 3 A F10-11 IN 222  
CIN105Y1Y TUT0202 Tutorial 4 A F10-11 RL 3023  
CIN105Y1Y TUT0301 Tutorial 5 A F11-12 IN 312  
CIN105Y1Y TUT0302 Tutorial 6 A F11-12 RL 3023   
CIN105Y1Y TUT0401 Tutorial 7 A F12-1 IN 312  
CIN105Y1Y TUT0402 Tutorial 8 A F12-1 RL 3023  
CIN105Y1Y TUT0501 Tutorial 9 A F1-2 IN 312  
CIN105Y1Y TUT0601 Tutorial 10 A F2-3 IN 312  
CIN105Y1Y TUT5101 Tutorial 11 A R6-7 IN 222  
CIN105Y1Y TUT5102 Tutorial 12 A R6-7 IN 312  
CIN105Y1Y TUT5201 Tutorial 13 A R7-8 IN 312  
CIN201Y1Y LEC0101 Film Cultures I A T12-1
IN 112 Brian Jacobson
CIN201Y1Y TUT0101 Tutorial 1 A R9-10 IN 312  
CIN201Y1Y TUT0201 Tutorial 2 A R10-11 IN 312  
CIN201Y1Y TUT0301 Tutorial 3 A R11-12 IN 312  
CIN201Y1Y TUT0401 Tutorial 4 A R12-1 RL 3023  
CIN201Y1Y TUT0402 Tutorial 5 A R12-1 IN 222  
CIN201Y1Y TUT0501 Tutorial 6 A R1-2 RL 3023  
CIN210H1S LEC0101 Horror Film B M3-6 IN 112 Kevin Chabot
CIN210H1S TUT0101 Tutorial 1 B T10-11 RL 3023  
CIN210H1S TUT0201 Tutorial 2 B W9-10 RL 3023  
CIN210H1S TUT0301 Tutorial 3 B W10-11 RL 3023  
CIN210H1S TUT0401 Tutorial 4 B W11-12 RL 3023  
CIN210H1S TUT0501 Tutorial 5 B W12-1 RL 3023  
CIN210H1S TUT0601 Tutorial 6 B W3-4 RL 3023  
CIN210H1S TUT0602 Tutorial 7 B W3-4 IN 312  
CIN211H1F LEC0101 Science Fiction Film B M3-6 IN 112 Bart Testa
CIN211H1F TUT0101 Tutorial 1 B W9-10 IN 312  
CIN211H1F TUT0201 Tutorial 2 B W12-1 IN 204  
CIN211H1F TUT0301 Tutorial 3 B W3-4 IN 312  
CIN211H1F TUT0401 Tutorial 4 B W4-5 IN 312  
CIN211H1F TUT5101 Tutorial 5 B T5-6 RL 3023  
CIN211H1F TUT5201 Tutorial 6 B T6-7 RL 3023  
CIN211H1F TUT5301 Tutorial 7 B W5-6 IN 312  
CIN230H1S LEC0101 The Business of Film B F2-5 RL 3025

Adam Nayman

CIN270Y1Y LEC0101 American Popular Film Since 1970 E


IN 112 Mike Meneghetti
CIN270Y1Y TUT0102 Tutorial 2 E F9-10 RL 3025  
CIN270Y1Y TUT0202 Tutorial 4 E F10-11 RL 3025  
CIN270Y1Y TUT0301 Tutorial 5 E F11-12 RL 3025  
CIN270Y1Y TUT0401 Tutorial 6 E F12-1 RL 3025  
CIN301Y1Y LEC0101 Film Cultures II A M12-1
IN 112 Kass Banning
CIN301Y1Y TUT0101 Tutorial 1 A R9-10 RL 3023  
CIN301Y1Y TUT0201 Tutorial 2 A R12-1 IN 312  
CIN301Y1Y TUT0301 Tutorial 3 A R3-4 RL 3025  
CIN301Y1Y TUT0302 Tutorial 4 A R3-4 RL 3023  
CIN314Y1Y LEC0101 Genre, Narrative and Narration in Film B W12-3
IN 222 Bart Testa
CIN320H1F LEC0101 The Woman's Film B M3-5
IN 312 Celine Bell
CIN320H1S LEC0101 The Global Film Noir: A Transnational Approach B R10-2 RL 3023 Alberto Zambenedetti
CIN322H1F LEC0101 Cult Cinema B T9-11
RL 3023 Benjamin Wright
CIN332Y1Y LEC0101 Screening Race C M9-11
IN 222 May Chew
CIN340H1F LEC5101 Special Topics: Seriality C T6-8
IN 222 Justin Morris 
CIN340H1S LEC5101 Special Topics: Queer Theory/Queer Media C M5-7
IN 222 Scott Richmond 
CIN370H1S LEC5101 Canadian Cinemas E T6-9
IN 222 Bart Testa
CIN378H1S LEC0101 Aspects of a National Cinema:
British Cinema
E M3-5
IN 222 Thomas Russell
CIN380H1S LEC0101  Now Hear This: Sound in the Cinema E T9-11
IN 222 Benjamin Wright
CIN411H1F LEC0101 Advanced Study in Genre and Modes:  3D Cinema: Eye, Mind, and Body A M1-3
IN 222 Blake Williams
CIN430H1S LEC0101 Advanced Study in Cinema as Social and Cultural Practice:Acting, Stardom, Performance C M1-3

M:IN 222

T: IN 313

Corinn Columpar
CIN431H1S LEC0101 Advanced Study in Cinema as Social and Cultural Practice:Images that Move Us: Affect, Emotions and Feelings on Film C T10-12
IN 313 Angelica Fenner
CIN450H1F LEC5101 Advanced Study in Theory and Criticism: The Cinematic City: Urban Spaces D T5-9

IN 223

Bart Testa
CIN451H1S LEC5101 Advanced Study in Theory and Criticism:  Music in Film D T5-7

IN 313

Benjamin Wright
CIN490Y1Y LEC0101 Independent Studies F      
CIN491H1F LEC0101 Independent Studies F      
CIN492H1S LEC0101 Independent Studies F