Bart Testa

Associate Professor, Teaching Stream
Cinema Studies Institute

Office: Room 324E, Innis College
Phone: 416-978-8574


Research and Teaching:

Bart Testa is a senior lecturer appointed at Innis College and the Cinema Studies Institute. His courses cover a wide range, including the introductory course, two courses on popular genres (Science Fiction in Film, and Cinema Sensation II: Sex) as well as an advanced course on Genre and Narration. He also teaches a year-long examination of avant-garde film and a full course on Chinese cinemas, senior seminars on urbanism and film, and narrative endings and apocalyptic theory film. Testa also teaches director studies at both the 200 and 300 levels. He has taught graduate seminars on Michael Snow, and on theories of cinema. He has conducted his course on Chinese Cinemas in Hong Kong with the Summer Abroad Program (at Woodsworth College) biannually since 2002.

Testa has served on the advisory council of TIFF/Cinematheque and has organized several conferences and film festivals with the Asian Institute (Munk Centre, UofT) in an ongoing association. He has published journal articles and anthologized essays on diverse film topics, though most often on avant-garde film and selected Canadian filmmakers.       


Select Publications:

Back and Forth: Early Cinema and the Avant-Garde, Wilfred Laurier University Press, 1993.
Spirit in the Landscape, Art Gallery of Ontario, 1989.
Co-Editor, Pier Paolo Pasolini in Contemporary Perspectives, University of Toronto Press, 1994. "The Gospel According to St. Matthew." pp, 180-209.