Kass Banning

Associate Professor, Teaching Stream
inema Studies Institute

Office: Room 322E, Innis College
Phone: 416-978-6497
Email: k.banning@utoronto.ca


Research and Teaching:

Kass Banning’s research focuses on minoritarian cinema and various forms of screen alterity, to include emerging cinemas, ranging from indigenous to diasporic to queer. Complementing her research on cultural translation, she has a long-standing interest in film circulation and the co-existing analytic categories national and transnational, from perspectives that emphasize theories of mobility and governmentality. She has also published in the areas of documentary and Canadian cinema, has co-edited an anthology on Canadian women’s cinema with University of Toronto Press, and co-founded CineAction and Borderlines. Banning regularly teaches courses on world and Canadian cinemas, race, documentary, and contemporary screen theory, as well as courses on national/regional cinemas, such as British and Sub-Saharan African film. In addition, she has taught courses on horror film, authorship, film theory, and globalization.


Select Publications:

    "Rainbow Coalition or Ethnic Drag?: The Work of Race in John Greyson's Corpus. " In The Perils of Pedagogy: The Works of John Greyson. Ed. Brenda Longfellow and Thomas Waugh. Montreal: McGill-Queens University Press, forthcoming 2012.

“Nation Time at Kwacha House: The Transitional Modalities of Encounter at Kwacha House-  Halifax.” In Challenge for Change: Activist Documentary at the National Film Board of Canada.  Ed. Thomas Waugh, Michael Baker, and Ezra Winton. Montreal: McGill-Queens University Press, 2010, pp. 190-200.

    “In Limbo: Creolisation and Untranslatability: Isaac Julien.“ In SUBTITLES: On the foreignness of film. Ed. Ian Balfour and Atom Egoyan.  Massachusetts: MIT Press, 2005, pp. 355-380.

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    Gendering the Nation: Canadian Women's Cinema. Co-edited with Kay Armatage, Brenda Longfellow, and Janine Marchessault. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1999. 331 pp.

    “Playing in the Light: Canadianizing Race and Nation.” In Gendering the Nation: Canadian Women's Cinema. Ed. Kay Armatage, Kass Banning, Brenda Longfellow & Janine Marchessault. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1999, pp. 291-310.

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