Cinema Studies Institute undergrad, An Li Tsang was a finalist for U of T Libraries Undergraduate Research Prize

When An Li Tsang wrote an essay for CIN201Y1 - Film Cultures I last year, little did she know that her paper would make her a finalist for the U of T Libraries Undergraduate Research Prize.

Prof. Brian Jacobson had encouraged his CIN201Y1 students to submit their essays to the competition. "The Undergraduate Research prize rewards high caliber research and good writing, and An Li’s paper about the rise of the Technicolor Corporation delivered on both counts," recalled Prof. Jacobson.

"The assignment required all students to use primary sources, but An Li went above and beyond, amassing an impressive range of primary source documents—including advertisements, theoretical texts, and articles from newspapers, film magazines, technical journals, and trade journals. An Li also used secondary sources to contextualize her research findings, making for an engaging history that is both rich in detail and broad in the story it manages to tell. The essay well deserved the prize, and I was thrilled that the jury recognized An Li’s work."


Justin Morris
CIN201Y1 - Film Cultures I T.A., David Davidson, U of T Libraries Undergraduate Research Prize finalist, An Li Tsang, and Vice-Provost, Students, Sandy Welsh (l-r)


An Li was awarded one of six $1000 prizes at an award ceremony back in May. Her reflective statement and research paper were uploaded to TSpace, the University of Toronto's research repository. It can be found at

An Li adored Film Cultures I and appreciated the assignment that ultimately brought about her prize-winning essay. "The essay was in effect a chance for us as students to DO the kind of work we were reading and learning from. I really liked the fact it wasn't just about memorization and repetition, but about developing critical research and writing skills, which I can now use outside the class. I also have to commend the way library resources were integrated, because the Innis College Library is amazing and helped me a lot in the process of this assignment."

"I am really proud that the class gave me the opportunity to write this essay and that both Prof. Jacobson and my TA, David recommended that I submit it for this writing award. I'm really grateful that the adjudicators saw the enthusiasm I had for the class, too."

Prof. Jacobson was grateful to all the CIN201Y1 students who submitted their essays to the comptition and hopes this year's students will follow in their footsteps.

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