Blackness, Aesthetics, Liquidity

Professor Alessandra Raengo, Georgia State University


A public lecture sponsored by the Department of Visual Studies (UTM) &
The Cinema Studies Institute, University of Toronto

4:00-6:00 PM, Thursday, 27 February 2014
The Cinema Studies Institute / Innis College, Room 222


This talk will outline an aesthetic theory of blackness—not a black aesthetics, but blackness as aesthetics—as a form of organization of the sensible, the sensate, and the sensorial. It will focus on “liquid aesthetics” as one of the most mercurial, yet vigorous aesthetic modes in which blackness makes sense in contemporary visual and sonic culture, addressing the affects and intensities that this mode of engagement produces and circulates.

Alessandra Raengo is Associate Professor of Moving Image Studies at Georgia State University in Atlanta. Her scholarship explores the ontological implications of blackness in the field of vision. She is the author of On the Sleeve of the Visual: Race as Face Value (Dartmouth College Press, 2013) and, with Robert Stam, has co-edited two anthologies on adaptation studies (Blackwell, 2004 and 2005). She is currently investigating the aesthetic of “liquid blackness” in contemporary art and film.


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