A Talk with the Director of  SNOW


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The Centre for Comparative Literature
and The Cinema Studies Institute present

Rohan Fernando

Monday, February 27, 2012
4 p.m. -6 p.m. Innis Town Hall
2 Sussex Avenue Toronto
(at St. George south of Bloor)

SNOW opens in Toronto on Friday, February 24th, at the Cumberland

“…After the Asian tsunami sweeps away her family, Parvati finds herself in Canada, trying to navigate a new life while living in an unfamiliar culture, with distant relatives she had never met before. She finds work as a hotel chambermaid, but it is alien and dislocating – until she begins a doomed love affair with a guest. As Parvati's new life begins to disintegrate, she finds one of her strongest anchors in Emily, a homeless young musician with whom she travels to Cape Breton to see the ocean once again.
Shot documentary style, Snow beautifully captures the sense of dislocation and melancholy that follows tragedy – and hints at the rebirth and renewal that can grow out of it…”


This event is co-sponsored by:

The Asian Institute
Sutram Pictures
The Pan-Asia Student Society
The Cinema Studies Student Union


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