Domitor 2010: Beyond the Screen: Institutions, Networks, and Publics of Early Cinema

Conference hosted by Profs. Charlie Keil and Rob King, Cinema Studies at Innis College


Moving Picture Show

Moving Picture Show

Founded in 1985, Domitor helps promote the study of early cinema through a biannual, international conference. For 2010, the conference will take place on the campuses of Ryerson University and the University of Toronto.

The theme of the 2010 conference is “Beyond the Screen: Institutions, Networks, and Publics of Early Cinema,” an investigation into the extra-filmic contexts that helped shape the development of cinema as both a medium of cultural influence and an industrial force, and its spread into the public sphere. The conference topic taps into a growing body of scholarship that investigates the way cinema has influenced and been influenced by, institutions separate from cinema itself (or even the broader realm of entertainment). To that end, this is a topic that invites—and even demands—knowledge from a diverse range of disciplinary perspectives. Especially in the early years before it became consolidated primarily as a form of entertainment, cinema could perform a wide range of functions: educational aid, instrument of advertising, means of scientific exploration, or tool in promoting social welfare. Because of its demonstrated utility in so many areas, cinema found itself intersecting with businesses as well as agents of social reform, with religious groups and with organized labour. The protean nature of cinema and its deployment within so many different contexts demands a multidisciplinary approach and this conference will bring together scholars from three continents trained in varied areas of study.

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June 14: Jackman Hall

UCLA Film and Television Archive
presents The world première restoration of Rex Ingram’s Chalice of Sorrow (1916)
plus Chic Sales in His Nibs (1921-22)

Monday, June 14, 2010, 9.30 pm
Jackman Hall (AGO)
317 Dundas Street West
(southwest corner of Dundas Street West and McCaul Street, McCaul Street entrance,
two blocks west of St. Patrick subway station)

  • ONLY $10 ADMISSION! (Free for Domitor members)
    Please call (416) 968-FILM for accessibility information

June 15: Beyond the Screen
An evening of screenings devoted to the diverse contexts of early film

Tuesday, June 15, 2010, 8-10 pm
Innis Town Hall
2 Sussex Avenue (corner of St. George & Sussex)

The Eye Film Institute Netherlands

  • early scientific and instructional films (1912-1914)
  • “His Royal Highness the Duke of Abruzzi’s Expedition to K2” (1909);
  • films about film stars (1912-1926), including honeymoon footage of
    Toronto-born Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks!
  • ONLY $5 ADMISSION        (Free for Domitor members)
    Please call (416) 978-5809 by June 14 if accessibility assistance required

June 16: Early Cinema Treasures from the Library and Archives Canada

Wednesday, June 16, 2010, 7.00-8.30 pm
Revue Cinema
400 Roncesvalles Ave.
  • newsreel footage of Toronto, 1912-1916
  • “Vancouver and Victoria St. and Harbour Scenes” (1907)
  • archivist DJ Turner discussing his work restoring Canada’s film heritage
  • ONLY $5 ADMISSION (free for Domitor members)
    Please call (416) 531-9950 if accessibility assistance required.


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