Master of Arts in Cinema Studies

Program Description

The MA Program in Cinema Studies ties the study of cinema's past and present to its future within an increasingly complex field of moving image art forms. Focusing on the intersecting histories, theories and cultural practices of cinema and its related media, and on the close examination of the textual objects produced, circulated, and consumed in those practices, the M.A. program supplements its core curriculum with intensive courses devoted to developments across media; distinct genres, figures, and transnational trends; and to innovative methodological approaches to the study of cinema and media. This approach encourages students to relate our current transmedia environment to previous pivotal moments in the history of cinematic institutions, and to central questions of form, materiality, social and cultural practice, and the production of meaning.  The program is offered by an outstanding group of core scholars and departmental associates.


The following program requirements are taken from the SGS Course Calendar. In cases of discrepancy, the online Calendar version at the SGS website shall apply.

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Program Requirements:

The MA is a course-work only program and therefore does not require a thesis.


Normal Program Length: 3 sessions (1 year) full-time
Time Limit: 3 years full-time


Minimum Admission Requirements (M.A.)

For admission to the MA in Cinema Studies, applicants must meet the following standards:



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